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Hike to Oks2.5

There’s nothing quite like hiking on the tundra. Tussocks, wet sedge meadows, knee high willows and sucky sphagnum moss, provide challenges similar to video game-like levels, not to mention a full body workout. Today, we hiked out to our Oks2.5 antenna location, traveling through all levels of tundra to arrive at our site. This year, however, drought seems to have diminished the level of difficulty for hiking, as much of the sloppier tundra appeared crackly and dry, instead of slurpy and wet. Tom and I get a head start positioning this fish passage antenna, while Becca and Cam work downsteam on the Oks3 antenna. Later Becca and Cam meet us, as we finish the Oks2.5 antenna and head back to Toolik Field Station, making it home just in time for dinner.

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