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Science Education

Golden Ecology's Science and Education Center provides science mentorship opportunities and other science-based education programs and services to help foster healthy, sustainable ecosystems and appreciation and understanding of nature, while promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Environmental DNA (eDNA)

Ecosystems are swarming with genetic material that can be used to assess which species are present in the environment. I sample environmental DNA (eDNA) by filtering particles from water and then sequencing DNA from the filter to assess species community composition. This method is excellent for monitoring aquatic species and particularly good for rare, threatened, or invasive species that might be present in numbers too small to assess using traditional techniques or that they are too precious to physically handle. Contact me for more information.

Species and Habitat Assessment

I also assess ecosystems using more traditional monitoring techniques, such as camera traps, live traps, netting, seining, and angling. I can develop monitoring protocols, conduct habitat assessments, and teach others to conduct their own assessments using these traditional techniques. Contact me for more information.

Water Quality

Whether for long-term monitoring or preventing harmful algal blooms, I understand the roles nutrients and other potential pollutants play in aquatic ecosystems. I can assess, monitor, and help you create sustainable solutions for your aquatic system. Contact me for more information.

Field Assistance

I am a Jack-of-all-Trades with regard to field sampling. My expertise includes sediment probing and core sampling, depth profiling and bathymetry estimates, temperature and water quality monitoring, habitat assessments, PIT tagging and fish movement monitoring, and much more. Contact me for assistance in the field.

Reports, Reviews, and Analyses

I provide assistance writing and editing reports, permits, journal submissions, and more. I also provide statistical assistance for creating summary information and publishable graphs and maps. Contact me for help with your data and documents.

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