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GEco Science and Education Center Inc.



GEco's nonprofit Science and Education Center provides creative, hands-on, science-based programs that foster appreciation and understanding of nature and promote healthy, sustainable ecosystems.

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Science Education Inspiration

Our desire to inspire the next generation of curious, passionate environmental stewards underlies our education and mentorship programing. We draw from a diverse knowledge base to bring ecology, evolution, and ecosystem principles to the forefront of our science outreach programs.


GEco Farm

Golden Ecology Science and Education Center Inc. brings learning to life through science mentorship experiences, in-class lessons, and remote interactive classroom-farm programs focused on ecology, evolution, and environmental sustainability. On our eco-farm, explore nutrient cycling, terrestrial and aquatic communities and biodiversity, pollinators, and so much more. Create your own experiment inspired by curiosity and observation as a science research intern. Contact us to learn more about volunteering, education options, and mentorship opportunities on the farm.


Our science research mentorship program also includes opportunities to investigate Arctic climate change impacts using data and samples collected from the Alaskan Arctic and in collaboration with the National Science Foundation's Arctic Long Term Ecological Research Program (Arc LTER).

Contact Dr. Heidi Golden for more information

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