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Kuparuk Upper Spring (KUS) Pool

Becca Colby and I traveled to the Kuparuk Upper Spring today to install a fish antenna, which detects tagged fish as they traverse the river.  With the river water level quite low and sections of stream unnavigably dry, the KUS pool appears to provide relatively cool, flowing water and a refuge from warmer water temperatures for adult Arctic grayling.  As we fly over the pool, dozens of skittish Arctic grayling turn tail to hide.  While working in the stream on our antenna, however, many decide we pose no threat and begin actively drift feeding down stream as we pound rebar and move rocks in order to install our antenna.  Once installed, the antenna immediately begins recording tags as our finned friends go about their business.


Just like the grayling, Becca enjoys the relatively cool waters of the KUS pool, a refuge from this year’s Arctic summer heat.


KUS pool antenna installed and ready to monitor fish movement in the Kuparuk River.

Kuparuk River Arctic grayling swim to Tom Milsom’s “Having Fun.”  ; )

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